Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poor Neglected Blog.....Im sorry

Im Sorry I did not get to you last week.....but life is very busy when the kiddos are back at school.....
So lets see what happened in the world of Chez the last 9 days or so......
I volunteered to do some clerical type work at my dd school...and have done that nearly every day!....Playgroup started back and we have lots more under 3's this year......and a balance of boys to girls..yeah....and more interested mums that will be coming this week! yahoo
My ds had his school swim carnival.....second in all but breaststroke in which he came first...he was also made House Captain this year.....I am so proud of his achievements!
Dd is settling in to school really well....which is fantastic after last years start.
Baby moved the other morning and is now transverse I am sure...will confirm tomorrow when I go to OB/GYN.
Saw parents last weekend and my sis & co. were there too.....that was great to catch up for a while.
Function today at the local club, my Guides had to help serve as a service activity...went well.
It was actually sunny today so all my washing for the last two weeks is now dry and clean yeah.......That's more.......

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~*Mish*~ said...

Just ahd to pop on by & send you my love. I hope all is going well with the baby & that you're doing ok. Think of you often & pray for your health to improve & everything to settle down for you my friend!

Love ya Chez!