Sunday, February 10, 2008

Poor Neglected Blog.....Im sorry

Im Sorry I did not get to you last week.....but life is very busy when the kiddos are back at school.....
So lets see what happened in the world of Chez the last 9 days or so......
I volunteered to do some clerical type work at my dd school...and have done that nearly every day!....Playgroup started back and we have lots more under 3's this year......and a balance of boys to girls..yeah....and more interested mums that will be coming this week! yahoo
My ds had his school swim carnival.....second in all but breaststroke in which he came first...he was also made House Captain this year.....I am so proud of his achievements!
Dd is settling in to school really well....which is fantastic after last years start.
Baby moved the other morning and is now transverse I am sure...will confirm tomorrow when I go to OB/GYN.
Saw parents last weekend and my sis & co. were there too.....that was great to catch up for a while.
Function today at the local club, my Guides had to help serve as a service activity...went well.
It was actually sunny today so all my washing for the last two weeks is now dry and clean yeah.......That's more.......

Friday, February 1, 2008

So School is back!

How in Year 11 (Senior High) One beginning Primary.....and one just due to arrive to the world.....
The first 3 days of school for the year have been great for both my kids! They are both settled and organised. The older child discovering already that the next two years will be no walk in the park! But still loving it....engaged in learning! excited about what he's learning!
As for teacher at the school is her teacher and that is great...they did a science experiment day one and dd loved it so she is keen to learn......
I volunteered at the school for the first 2 days....doing some book logging work..and will be back again next week for a few days....we really do underfund our public schools.....not only in the providing sufficient clerical type support but also in the maintenance area. Our school is on a huge block of land and we only get a grounds person 1 day a takes the entire day to sit on the ride on mower and mow it! so how do all the other little bits and pieces get done?!!!
My internet has been playing up so it will not, Im afraid, be every day I get to get here and vent...oh well...
Planning day for our Guide Unit today with my co leader.....a very busy year ahead for us.....if we can survive first term!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Life! yi yi yi!

Computers; games; fun all is about to be boxed away until we next have school holidays...welcome to packed days and afternoons....and for the first time a homework schedule which is bound to be hectic with a senior student in the house...all this and preparing for a new child to arrive....arrgghh.... BREATHE
Ive made lists, schedules and am already a little behind...I promise that all will be caught up by the end of the week! before it is a full school week in swing and the other extra curricular activities start!!
Tomorrow is finalise school shopping day.....we have to go back to Big W to get the school bag we saw a week ago for the senior student.....fingers xd it is still there! Then to Target for school socks for both as they all seem to have gone on permanent holidays over Christmas! Filling for sandwiches will also need to be picked up and some fruit!
DH has decided to study this year....not that financially it is really viable at the moment, but the course he wants is available on weekends.....although this is probably the one time I need him available all weekends.......OH want to be supportive...I mean to be ..... I am...but...timing really sucks....Oh well....its not the money.....its more the time it takes away...I know it will lead to a second income and maybe I will not have to return to work BUT the timing sucks! I value the family time we spend together......will just need to be super organised (that will be a push) so that when he does get home from the course we spend quality family time together each weekend....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day

Early Start... Up at our local Australia Day Ceremony at 8am to help handout Aussie Flags and programs! Leo Sayer was our Ambassador! Great Choice and such a nice down to earth guy! Got home at about 1pm ate lunch and went to sleep ..... too much excitement for a pregnant woman I'm
Took my dd with me to the day, she got Leo Sayers autograph and was really impressed she met someone who sang a song she knew! "You make me feel like dancing"...he sang it she danced....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So Ive decided to blog...Everyone I know seems to be doing it so why not.
I am really looking forward to the school holidays ending and life resuming a somewhat normal routine again if I can just get my sleep patterns into gear.....I need to be asleep at night and awake during the day...not the other way around....well that is my aim by Thursday...fingers crossed!